Municipal water and waste water treatment plants

The water division is responsible for designing and manufacturing water treatment plants for the integrated water cycle in urban areas.
The award of the “soa” certification (certification that the company has all the qualifications necessary for the public procurement for working contracts) together with the expertise of our technical staff allow us to participate in public tender procedures and develop project financing proposals in full compliance with the provisions of national legislation on the matter of public procurement.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and to the deep knowledge of legislation on the issue of municipal water resources and their use, we can offer always innovative plant engineering solutions by using technology to drive down running and operating costs and improve performance.

The water division specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of the following water treatment plants:

  • Water purification plants
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Final filtration systems
  • Sludge treatment plants
  • Sludge drying plants
  • Systems for the recovery and reuse of biogas
  • Screening and filtration equipment for fresh and sea water intakes


  • Municipal WWTP for 250.000 p.e. close to Torino

  • Municipal WWTP for 150.000 p.e. close to Brescia